The Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse Associates (WCLA) is an organization of 8 non-varsity college lacrosse conferences featuring over 200 teams in two divisions across the United States. The WCLA provides a governing structure similar to the NCAA, consisting of eligibility rules, national polls, and a national tournament to decide national champions for both Divisions I and II. On an individual scope, the WCLA’s rules and structure promote “virtual varsity” lacrosse. On a national scale, the WCLA’s infrastructure supports a level playing field through eligibility rules and enforcement, along with the use of NCAA rules of play. Providing a quality college lacrosse experience where varsity lacrosse does not yet exist, the purpose of the WCLA is to provide access to the collegiate game for those who seek it. FGCU Women’s Lacrosse is a proud member of the Division I SWLL Conference, South District.

USLacrosse is the governing body of the WCLA and, in fact, is the governing body of Lacrosse nationwide for both boys and girls of all ages. They provide “national leadership, structure and resources to fuel the sport’s growth and enrich the experience of participants.” USLacrosse is also home to the US National Teams!